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Daniel Suarez becomes a hero in Kansas City

Daniel Suarez becomes a hero in Kansas City

NASCAR driver Daniel Suarez has been regarded as a hero due to his actions prior to the race in Kansas City on Sunday. The 30-year-old Mexican was traveling across the city when he saw a small creature trying to cross the huge road. Unfortunately for the animal, its nature didn’t allow it to get things done in a faster way as it was a turtle.

Daniel Suarez took matters into his own hands, pulling over and going to the rescue. The NASCAR Cup Series driver eventually stopped the cars coming his way in order to help the turtle cross the road. In the end, the slow reptile was out of harm’s way, which suggests the fantastic teamwork between Suarez and the other people on the road.

Despite his heroic actions prior to the race, Suarez was quite unfortunate during his 2022 AdventHealth 400 as he posted his second-worst performance for the season, finishing 33rd. He currently sits in 19th place in the overall standings as he is still looking for his first podium of the season, having finished 4th in California and Atlanta.

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