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William Byron was furious in the post-race interview

Words exchanged after the race in Darlington

William Byron saw his win slip away from him with two laps to go after Joey Logano hit him from behind, resulting in his car losing both grip, and power and he ended up only in 13th place. The 24-year-old was quite unhappy with the circumstances suggesting that Logano’s actions were unethical and unsportsmanlike.

Byron mentioned that his opponent did such things all the time. His thoughts are that Logano drove in there 10 mph way too fast into this corner, slamming him so hard that he was unable to avoid the crash into the safety barricades. On top of that, Byron suggested that Logano cannot win a clean race, so he does such inappropriate things, which gives him an unfair advantage in the end.

With this performance, Byron managed to snatch 2nd place from Ryan Blaney in the overall standings for 2022. However, the competition among the top 10 is quite fierce as every single mistake might mean a lot to the contenders. In the meantime, Joey Logano took advantage of the misfortune of Chastain, Busch, Truex, Larson, and Bowman and went into 4th place with 374 points.

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