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49ers Deebo Samuel Request Trade

Samuel Request Trade

The wide receiver market in the NFL went up a tier this off-season. This was partly due to a few wide receivers probably getting overpaid. Deals like the one Christian Kirk got with the Jacksonville Jaguars bumped the market higher than it probably deserves to be. Yet the result has been troubling for franchises as their top wide receivers are saying, if that guy is getting this much money, I deserve at least this much more.

That is the case for the San Francisco 49ers as their all-purpose wide receiver Deebo Samuel originally asked for a massive contract extension. Some reports suggested he wanted to be the highest-paid non-quarterback in the league.

The 49ers have been negotiating with Samuel’s representatives apparently though they are too far apart as Samuel has now requested a trade. While there will be many interested parties because of his talent, many teams will probably also be apprehensive like the 49ers have been to give Samuel too big of a contract especially considering his durability concerns.

Caleb Tallman is a massive sports fan that is always in the know with the NFL, NBA and MLB. Having grown up playing all three, the transition to writing about them was seamless.

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