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Argentine Athlete Raises Funds to Compete

A Raffle to Race

Julian Molina is one of Argentina’s top athletes, excelling in both track and street events across various distances.

At the end of May, he will compete in the Ibero-American Championships in Spain, representing his country. However, he intends to stay in Europe for a month afterward to continue competing, and he wants to fund this enterprise by holding a raffle. Sportswear, sunglasses, a Bluetooth speaker, pet food, beer and wine, and physical therapy sessions are among the rewards.

Julián Molina will have to pay for his stay in Spain once the Ibero-American Championship is complete, so he hopes to raise around 1500 euros to put toward hotel, meals, and transportation to the races. “I have no difficulty staying in a hostel; I’ll hunt for the cheapest.” Also, if possible, I will travel by bicycle to save money on transportation.”

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Dean McHugh

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