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Andre Fialho’s skill surprises Michael Pereira

UFC 270 was full of exciting bouts between elite fighters, and one of the most anticipated was Michael Pereira vs Andrew Fialho. Pereira, known as a “welterweight” fighter, is well-known for his flashy antics in the Octagon while Fialho made his UFC debut at the event. Mistaking his lack of UFC fighting experience with a more general inexperience in the sport, however, would be a mistake. The fighter won four out of his last four fights, most notably including a knockout against James Vick, a former UFC prospect.

Ahead of the fight, both Pereira and Fialho were optimistic about their chances. Fialho was certain his experience and wins to date would be enough to take on a fighter from one of the sport’s biggest leagues. Pereira, on the other hand, has plenty of experience with the UFC, including a three-win streak, the latest against Niko Price at UFC 264. The athlete is widely considered one of the most impressive showmen to have ever entered the Octagon with his mixture of martial arts and acrobatics fighting style.

Michael Pereira wins the match

To little surprise, Pereira was the victor in the UFC 270 match. That is not to say that Fialho was down and out the entire match, however, as the fighter managed to surprise Pereira with his strong showing. Pereira even lost a round to Fialho, something he said fueled his more impressive later performance.

Pereira told Super Lutas that he was “really surprised” at Fialho’s performance, saying that he used the first round to “test the waters” and see what he was dealing with and was “flustered” by his opponent’s skill. He ultimately won the match, however, via unanimous decision. The win gave Pereira a fourth to add to his streak.

We look forward to seeing what both fighters do in the future.

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