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UFC/MMA news

UFC/MMA news

UFC 103 – Mike Filipovic vs Junior Dos Santos

A battle between an up and coming fighter and another that may be getting past his time. Read More

UFC 103 – Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort

UFC 103’s main event. Read More

Strikeforce – Gegard Mousasi vs Renato Sobral

Mousasi and “Babalu” are hogging the press coverage. Read More

UFC 101 – Forrest Griffin and Anderson Silva

It’s hard to know what to expect with Griffin. Read More

Want the lowdown on the movers and shakers in some far-flung football league? Crunch Sports' Thomas Rooney is your go-to guy. Multilingual and forever scouring the world's newspapers for a scoop, this guy regularly wins our office MVP awards.

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