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The Women’s Philippine Volleyball Team Set up Camp in Brazil

The Philippine women’s volleyball team has landed in Baureri, Brazil, where they will set up a training camp as part of their preparations for the Vietnam Southeast Asian Games, which will take place on May 12 in Hanoi.

The Brazilian’s excel on the volleyball court, which is sound knowledge among volleyball fans and have been known to dominate in many of their competitions. Therefore, it is no wonder why other countries are heading there to train and learn from some of the masters of the sport. The national women’s team for the Philippines plans to play a number of tuneup matches against local club teams in Brazil as part of their training.

The Philippine National Volleyball Federation announced that the women’s team would hold a three-week camp to win the coveted gold medal at the biannual competition. Teammates Alyssa Valdez and Jema Galanza are in the lead, having just finished a successful campaign in the 2022 PVL Open Conference, where they defeated Petro Gazz.

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Dean McHugh

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