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Women’s Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour Update

Catching the Dutch Duo

It may have surprised some that the young Dutch pair Raisa Schoon & Katja Stam rose to the top of the World Rankings so rapidly, but with one gold and two silver medals in three events in 2022, it’s difficult to deny that they are the most remarkable women’s team on the planet right now.

Everything that happened in Itapema will impact the following weeks and the next Challenge event, which will be held in Doha, Qatar, from May 5th to 8th. Stam stated that they planned to dominate the sport for a long time, and with a 760-point lead over the next active team in the standings, made up of Brazilians Barbara Seixas and Carol Salgado, the Dutch are unlikely to lose their place in Doha in the coming weeks.

However, if the Brazilians want to start making inroads into that large deficit, they will undoubtedly have to be on top form in Qatar in two weeks. Can they catch up to the Dutch duo?

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Dean McHugh

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